New Vision for Atlantic City


Atlantic City’s new Mayor, Don Guardian, delivered the keynote address at a luncheon by the Metropolitan and Citizens Business Association on Tuesday to unfold his unofficial State of the City address. Mayor Guardian’s enthusiastic plan to revitalize Atlantic City will require state aid and a long list of money saving and money making projects. His tenure begins with two projects already under construction: The $20 million dollar, 70,000 square foot Bass Pro Shop which is expected to bring 200 jobs to Atlantic City and the Waterfront Conference Center  which is expected to generate an additional 340 construction jobs. The Mayor’s vision includes a four-year college, cutting costs through shared services, and increasing residency by building 1000 additional housing units.

Mr. Guardian will focus on job creation and better housing, educational opportunities for the city’s youth and the reduction of poverty for the city’s residents. Admittedly a tall list of goals, Guardian stated that this list is the reason why he was elected. And 1,100 attendees applauded his new measures and leadership.