This is very good news for Atlantic City, the region and state. Revel Reopening…

This is very good news for Atlantic City, the region and state.
Revel Reopening…
These are the facilities that they anticipate would be a part of the initial re-opening of Revel:

– Several Restaurants
– 500 guest rooms (out of 1500)
– Ropes course in the 140 foot lobby
– A few clubs (but, not HQ)
– Swimming Pool

There will be many job opportunities. As such, Revel is looking at holding a job fair with the stated goal of bringing back as many former Revel employees (that are available) as possible.

The definitive number of jobs cannot be revealed at this time, however, my sources have confirmed that it is in the range of “several hundred jobs.”

The team of Atlantic City facilities, public safety, and planning experts who toured Revel were pleased at how “amazingly intact” and in “great condition” Revel is presently in.

I have confirmed the following operational facts:

– HVAC is functioning.
– Gaming machines and tables and chairs are all in place and are in excellent condition.
– Hotel rooms are clean, with bedding in place, along with furniture, all light fixtures, drapes, artwork in place throughout the restaurants, hotel rooms and gaming floors.

It must be noted that all of the rumors about tractor trailers that many believed were taking valuable items out of Revel: actually, the exact opposite is true. They were bringing in overstocked kitchen appliances and items that had been costing $ 20,000 per-month in storage costs. Straub had moved these items into the garage areas.

This is the first-ever accurate assessment of the current state of the Revel property.

All of the rumors about mold and other atmospheric realities due to lack of HVAC, etc. have turned out to be unfounded.

Again, this is not a promise that Revel will re-open on June 15, 2016. However, it is affirmation that this once glorious behemoth can re-open much sooner than most expected was possible.